Girl starts business to help government-furloughed mom during shutdown

An 11-year-old girl is trying to help her mother not worry about the lack of money coming in during the government shutdown.

Bella Berrellez told WJLA, "My mind was just going through like, how can I help, how can I contribute to my family?"

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Bella's mother, who works for the Food and Drug Administration, is furloughed, WJLA reported. She is one of the 800,000 federal employees who are either home from work or who are working without pay during the government shutdown that started before Christmas, NBC News reported. She was last paid on Dec. 28, WJLA reported.

Bella came up with Bella's Sweet Scrubs, a homemade sugar scrub she sells on Etsy and door to door in her neighborhood for $7 each.

She’s sold at least 30 of the containers of the scrub.

Bella told WJLA she hopes to help her family, at least a little, as the shutdown continues.

“I understand it’s impacting a lot of people. When I found out my mom was furloughed, I was just thinking of fun and creative ways so I could help,” Bella said.

Credit: Svetlana Zelentsova/Shutterstock

Credit: Svetlana Zelentsova/Shutterstock

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