Giant ‘hairy sea monster’ washes ashore on Russian beach

An unidentifiable “hairy sea monster” washed up on the Kamchatka peninsula on the Bering Sea.

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Svetlana Dyadenko shared video of the puzzling and stinking mass lying on the volcanic sand earlier this week.

"This unidentified and strange-looking creature was washed on the shore next to the village of Pakhachi, on the north-eastern side of the Kamchatka Peninsula," she told the Siberian Times. "The most interesting thing to me is that the creature is covered with tubular fur. Could it be some ancient creature?"

Conjecture and theories from commenters wondered if it was the remains of an ancient woolly mammoth freed from its glacial resting spot. Maybe it was some type of octopus or squid, others asked Dyadenko.

While the enigmatic mass is baffling, some believe they have a definitive answer. It’s a globster, a term coined in 1962 to describe the remains of a carcass with no discernible eyes, head or bone structure.

"Under the influence of the sea, time and various animals, from the smallest to the largest, a whale often takes on bizarre forms," Segei Kornev, a marine biologist from Kamchatka, told The Siberian Times. "This is only a part of a whale, not a whole one."

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