Football scrimmage becomes dream play for student with cerebral palsy

Credit: David Lee/Shutterstock

Credit: David Lee/Shutterstock

A student in Nebraska had a dream come true when he was able to take a football into the end zone for a touchdown.

Jared Fredericks has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.

But Fredericks and his assistant, Bryce Harrington, didn't let that stop the student from scoring during a scrimmage last week, USA Today reported.

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Harrington positioned Fredericks in the backfield. A teammate handed Fredericks the ball after the snap, and Harrington pushed Fredericks through all the defensemen to the end zone.

The crowd chanted "Jared! Jared!" as he got closer. His teammates cheered for him as he scored the touchdown, USA Today reported.

Grand Island Northwest's coach, Kevin Stein, came up with the idea to have Fredericks score the team's final scrimmage touchdown, USA Today reported.

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