5-foot iguana on the loose in Milwaukee neighborhood

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Enormous Iguana on the Loose in Milwaukee Neighborhood

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A man’s iguana jumped out of a second story window and ran away more than a month ago, running loose throughout a Milwaukee neighborhood.

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Zach Hauser moved from California to Wisconsin with Nail, which he has had for nine years, WDJT reported. The 25-pound iguana was in its cage above "The Turning Page" comic book store when it escaped, WITI reported.

After residents spotted it last week he is warning people not to approach it but is offering $100 to trappers for its capture, WDJT reported.

"There's not really any danger unless you try to catch him and then things get severely damaged by claws and teeth and his tail, mostly teeth, and claws," Hauser told WDJT.

Bernadette Gerdeen was startled when she saw the reptile walking along her roof recently and believes it is living in a nearby tree, she told WITI.

Hauser said the largest trap he could find in the area is too small to snare the iguana. Animal control said they only catch dogs and cats, WDJT reported.

"He's on the trip of his life right now and hopefully he can survive it," Hauser told WITI.

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