7-foot alligator chilling out in Florida family’s pool surprises homeowner

A homeowner in Port Charlotte, Florida, was surprised in the middle of the night recently when she found a 7-foot alligator floating around in her swimming pool.

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Kerri Kibbe said she heard a noise and when she turned on her patio lights, she was shocked to see the large gator lounging in the pool, according to CNN.

"It was just so unnatural," Kibbe told CNN.

“I was worried that if it did get out, I wouldn't know if it was actually really gone,” she said.

Kibbe said she called the police, who notified a wildlife trapper.

"He put a noose on it, and it went into the death roll that I've seen on TV," Kibbe told the news network.

The trapper told the frightened woman he was taking the animal to a farm, but she said she's still worried and even paranoid because she has never seen an alligator in her neighborhood before.
"I'm hoping my kids won't be in fear of the pool," Kibbe said.

She also plans to let her dogs out at night from now on, hoping they’ll alert her if another gator shows up.

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