#FloridaMan birthday challenge: Share strangest Florida man story that happened on your birthday

There are those strange, water cooler-type stories you read when you’re supposed to be doing something, like, work. Then, there are those totally unbelievable, shake-your-head-type stories. Either type usually has one thing in common: the legendary “Florida man” or “Florida woman” (to be fair to both sexes.)

The latest online challenge is to take the mythological “Florida Man” with stories and connect those head-shaking, what-in-the-heck stories that seem to circulate to your birthday.

Apparently the challenge started last week on Tumbler, where time-killer web surfers were being told to Google "Florida man" and their birth date, then share the results, WFOR reported.

The first story in the search results is your “Florida Man” birthday story.

The challenge really took off Thursday, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

It is even being documented in a Twitter Moment.

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