Florida teacher's license suspended after allegedly pulling chairs from under students

A Florida teacher won’t be in the classroom any time soon after the state suspended her license.

The Florida Education Commission suspended the teaching license of Robin Welch Kennedy for one year.

Immediately after the suspension, she was terminated by Duval County Public Schools.

Kennedy is accused of pulling the chairs out from underneath her third-grade students when she taught at Neptune Beach Elementary School in 2013.

A final report from the state says that another teacher saw Kennedy tip a student out of his chair.

The teacher asked her if the student had fallen, and Kennedy replied: “With a little help.”

The report also says the teacher saw it happen again to another student on the same day.

Students were transferred to other third-grade classes because of what happened, the report said.

In 2014, WJAX reported that Kennedy was suspended by Duval County Public Schools for 15 days without pay but then returned to the classroom.

Even then, parents were upset because of her conduct inside and outside the classroom. Kennedy had been arrested for DUI and battery.

The district told WJAX that she had been an employee since 2006.

Kennedy was not working at Neptune Beach Elementary School when she was suspended, but at another school.

“I’m displeased that it took that long for her to actually get her license suspended,” said parent Roger Hurley.

During the state’s final hearing, the report says Kennedy denied ever doing anything intentionally that could injure a student.