Florida man upset after niece brings home 'excuse from Pledge' form

A Florida man took to Facebook last week after he said his niece brought home a waiver for her parents to sign if they wanted their child excused from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

WTIC-TV reported that the post was made by Micah Brienen, of Cape Coral, Florida, on Aug. 18 where he said the form is "the dumbest thing" he has ever read. He also said he was "ashamed" of the form.

The post, which has been shared more than 24,000 times, shows the form.

My niece brought this home from school today...What is happening to our country?!?

Posted by Micah Brienen on Thursday, August 18, 2016

Brienen followed up the initial post three days later asking his friends to contact the school's superintendent about the form, but students in Florida have had the right to opt out of saying the pledge since 2000, according to WTIC.

Earlier this year, Florida's House Education Committee unanimously approved a bill that would "change how students are notified of their right to skip the daily pledge and what the excused student must do during the pledge." This controversy also comes a year after a Florida superintendent spoke out against a sign that offered students the option to stand up and recite the pledge.

In Palm Beach County, students are required to stand and say the pledge at the beginning of each day. The district's policy also says schools must post a notice of a student’s right not to stand and recite "in a conspicuous place." If a student under 18 years old wants to exercise that option and skip the pledge, he or she would need a signed excuse from a parent.

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