Florida man clinging to hood of car explains why

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

WATCH: Man Caught Riding on Hood of Car on Miami Interstate

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

After video of a man seen grasping the hood of a speeding car on I-95 in Miami went viral, the daredevil himself is speaking out about why.

The daring -- and crazy -- feat happened on Sunday evening, WFOR reported.

Junior Francis told Miami ABC affiliate WPLG the whole thing wasn't a silly stunt. Instead, it started with a fight with his ex-girlfriend.

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Francis said his ex-girlfriend, Patresha Isidore, needed the car to pick up their 5-year-old from a family member. Francis said he needed the car, too.

When she got in the driver’s seat first, he said he decided to hop on the hood to keep her from leaving – but she left anyway.

Moments later the car was on the highway.

“I’m on (Interstate) 95… this is it! She’s in the express lane, like, this is it!” Francis said he remembers thinking.

Video shows Francis wearing only a tank top and shorts as he held onto the hood of the Mercedes. The video also showed Francis on his phone with 911 the whole time as the car reached 70 mph.

Daniel Midah recorded the video and called 911 to report the stunt. Florida Highway Patrol is investigating, WFOR reported.

Midah also uploaded to Twitter. Warning, the video contains expletives.

Midah told WPLG, "All I was thinking is, this guy is going to slide off and hit me, slide off the other side or if anything, he is going to slide down and she is going to hit him, and then she is going to crash into somebody else."

Meanwhile Isadore, who was allegedly behind the wheel of the Mercedes, was arrested, WPLG reported Wednesday.

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