Florida man banned from several Walmarts after referencing El Paso in phone call, police say

A Florida man has been banned from several Walmart stores after he made a reference to El Paso, Texas, in a recent phone call, authorities said.

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The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Juan Poole, who made a phone call to the Walmart on Phillips Highway that made employees feel unsafe, has been banned from all northeast Florida Walmart locations.

Police received a call Thursday from the Walmart at 4250 Phillips Highway in reference to a threatening phone call the store received.

A Walmart employee initially said Poole said he was going to shoot up the Walmart and security could not stop him. After police replayed the recorded call, they determined Poole made a reference to the Walmart in El Paso, but he never threatened to shoot up the store.

Because Poole did not make an actual threat toward the store, no charges were filed.

At the request of Walmart's northeast Florida general area manager, police issued trespass warrants for Poole at all northeast Florida Walmart locations. That means if Poole enters any Walmart in northeast Florida, he could be arrested on the spot for trespassing.

When police located Poole, he said $200 had been stolen from him at Walmart, which is why he was upset.

The officers then informed Poole of the trespass warrants issued to him. They said he became verbally combative and started recording the encounter, repeatedly asking why he had been trespassed before leaving the area.

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