Fire department warns space heater users: Don’t plug heaters into power strips

Those multi-outlet power strips may be able to handle your big screen TV, cable box and Roku, but they can’t handle the drain of only one space heater.

And if you’re thinking you’ll be OK and just plug it in for a little while, fire departments across the country are once again reminding people not to do it. You’ll risk a fire.

This time it's the Morgan County Fire and EMS in Morgan, Utah, that has issued the warning on Facebook, complete with a melted and charred power strip, joining the ranks of firefighters trying to keep families safe once the chilly weather starts creeping in.

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Firefighters told WTHR that space heaters can get to between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit and to plug them in directly to the wall outlet.

Credit: wk1003mike/Shutterstock

Credit: wk1003mike/Shutterstock

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