FBI: Smart TVs could have security issues

That huge smart television that will be under the Christmas tree this year could come with a security flaw, the FBI is warning.

Agents with an FBI field office sent out a message saying internet-connected televisions and ones with facial recognition can open the door to intrusion, CNN reported.

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The FBI is also telling smart TV owners that not only could the makers of the televisions and the developers of the apps that come with the devices allow those companies to legally know what watchers are doing, but hackers can also use the televisions as a gateway if they are not secured, CNN reported.

Hackers can control the sets, changing channels and volume, and they can also hack the television's camera and microphone.

So how can you block hackers?

The FBI says make sure the television's security settings are correct, change default passwords and learn how to turn off cameras and microphones. If you can't turn off the camera, then go low-tech with a piece of tape placed over the lens, ABC News reported.

Experts also suggest making sure software is up to date and if you're really worried about hackers, you can take the drastic step of keeping the television off your network, CNN reported.

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