Family grateful for Golden Corral customer who helped save choking baby

The Jarvis family wants to thank a stranger who stepped in to save their choking baby at a Golden Corral in North Carolina on Thanksgiving.

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Hannah Jarvis told WLOS that the family was enjoying their Thanksgiving meal at the Hendersonville Golden Corral when her 7-month-old baby, Calli, began choking while being fed mashed potatoes.

While 911 was being called, an alert server asked if there was anyone in the restaurant who could provide aid. That's when customer Deborah Rouse stepped forward and successfully performed a series blows to Calli’s back.

The baby began breathing again after the assistance from Rouse. Jarvis said in a Facebook post that Calli was taken to an emergency room after the choking incident and is "happy and healthy now."

The family thanked and hugged Rouse at the restaurant, but would like to reach out to her again to express their gratitude. They are asking anyone who knows her to contact Jarvis on her Facebook page.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story misidentified the technique used by the bystander as the Heimlich maneuver. The customer used back blows on the baby, not the Heimlich maneuver.