Family takes in stray kitten that turns out to be a bobcat

A Minnesota family thought they took in a stray kitten -- but it turned out to be a baby bobcat.

Jared Yost told WPLG that he was working at his landscape job when he found the animal hiding on the edge of a parking lot.

Even though he said he's not a "cat person," Yost said he took it home, WCCO reports.

After listening to the animal meowing, the family suspected it wasn’t a domestic cat.

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The family took the cat to the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which confirmed it is a bobcat in a Facebook post:

“(now that you're done “oooohing” over this adorable photo, here's the story:)

“A very observant client heard a kitten crying for help in a car lot the other night. After bringing home the stray kitten and listening to it, he started suspecting it wasn't a domestic breed.

“24 hours later and we have our first bobcat kitten of the summer. We're thankful he found the tiny bobcat before it was hit by a car.

“The kitten appears to be in good health but was dehydrated. She'll spend a few days with us stabilizing then we'll transfer her to another rehabber who works with bobcats. We're so thankful to have a great network of rehabbers and clients who make the time to help animals in need!”

The baby bobcat has since been moved to the Wild and Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, WPLG reports. The animal will eventually be released back into the wild.

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