Facebook’s dating policy allows employees to ask out a coworker just once

In a time of heightened awareness about sexual harassment and assault after a barrage of allegations from victims in a range of industries, Facebook has a clear-cut inter-office dating policy: It’s OK but a coworker can only be asked out once -- get turned down, and that’s it.

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"Ambiguous answers such as 'I'm busy' or 'I can't that night,' count as a 'no,'" Facebook's global head of employment law Heidi Swartz told the The Wall Street Journal.

The date does not have to be reported to human resources unless there's a clear conflict of interest, according to the Journal.

Google, which started its dating policy in 2004, has similar rules regarding conflict of interest but said there is no number attached to how many times an employee can ask out a coworker, according to Gizmodo.

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