Facebook comments on domestic abuse land Oklahoma deputy in hot water


Credit: FOX23.com

An Oklahoma deputy is under fire for comments he posted on Facebook about domestic abuse.

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The controversy began when Stephen Teel commented on a post about a move by the Russian parliament to decriminalize certain acts of domestic abuse.

Teel, a deputy with the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, wrote "I might support this legislation for second offenses. If someone hits you, (expletive) leave."

He then went on to say he has "a problem empathizing with people that don't help themselves," and reiterated that he "might" believe that second instances of domestic abuse should be decriminalized.

He said the view stems from frustration concerning calls to police from those stuck in abusive relationships.

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office said they believe Teel has the right to say what he wants.

Teel has not commented on the incident.