Elementary school teacher proposes in classroom on Valentine’s Day

A fifth grade teacher proposed to a fellow teacher during class on Valentine’s Day and the proposal was captured on video.

Jason Seifert teaches at Harry Russell Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio. During class Tuesday, he addressed students and the rumors that he was dating fellow fifth grade teacher Allyson Barker.

In the video, Seifert admits to the students that he is dating Barker but says he’s in love with her.

"We are a little bit more than dating, because I am completely in love with her," Seifert says as students are heard screaming with excitement. "And I was wondering if Ms. Barker would like to become Mrs. Seifert."

Seifert proceeded to get down on one knee and proposed.

The students in the classroom could be heard erupting in more excitement.

Barker said yes!