Drunken shopping costs Americans billions

Did you ever have an unexpected Amazon box show up on your doorstep and realized that you were a little too tipsy to remember that drunken shopping spree?

If you have those types of morning after regrets, then you’re not alone.

Apparently the trend nets billions for online retailers.

A recently released survey found that drunken online shoppers spend more than $40 each time they stumble around sites like Amazon, CNBC reported.

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An addiction treatment facility in Palm Beach, Florida, called Archstone Recovery Center, asked more than 1,000 people who said they shopped on Amazon while under the influence of alcohol.

Another survey found that it is more common than many may want to admit. Nearly half of Americans admit to S.U.I (or shopping under the influence), according to a survey of 2,001 adults done earlier this year by Finder.comMarket Watch reported.

Finder found that Americans bought  $30.4 billion worth of products while drunk and most of the purchases were food, shoes and clothes. It comes out as an average of $447.57 a year spent, CNBC reported.

So how can you make sure your drunken persona doesn’t reward your sober self?

Experts say leave items in the cart overnight or up to 24 hours. By doing that, you not only save yourself from, well, yourself, you can also sometimes get coupons or other discounts from your online retailer because they want you to check out with what you've planned on buying, CNBC reported.

So how can you stop your drunken self from buying your sober self gifts?

Experts suggest these tips according to Forbes: Delete shopping apps from your phone and tablets, shop companies with good return policies for those regretful items and know your one-number budget.

A one-number budget is the amount you can freely spend after you account for your regular bills, financial goals, non-monthly expenses and amounts that can change month to month like food costs. Click here for tips on how to set up a one-number budget.

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