Drugs hidden in cappuccino maker at convenience store, police say

Credit: Atlanta Police Department/WSBTV.com

Credit: Atlanta Police Department/WSBTV.com

Exclusive police body camera video shows a raid at a local gas station.

Investigators said people were dealing drugs.

Police said they even found some of the drugs hidden in a cappuccino machine.

Atlanta police charged into the Chevron on Lakewood Way in southeast Atlanta with guns drawn. Officer Kensley Gachette was there, on Aug. 9.

“Because of all the violence and all the drugs that was coming out of this location, it was a very big focus," Gachette said.

We reported in July there were three shootings in just four months at the gas station. In the body cam video we obtained, officers are seen handcuffing men working at the store and there's marijuana on the counter.

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“We also found some crack, some MDMA. The owners were complicit in allowing that to happen,” said Gachette.

A search of the man's pants reveals a hidden baggie of suspected drugs. Concerned neighbors, plus several hundred stops by the chevron this year, gave police the intel they needed before the raid.

“We saw they kept the drugs in the shelves, in the potato chips, in the cappuccino machine," Gachette said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Georgia Department of Agriculture and Georgia Lottery teamed up on the raid. They said they discovered illegal cash payouts, illegal alcohol sales, and outdated food on the shelves.

Police said they’re proud of the out-of-the-box thinking that led to the collaboration and ultimately the Chevron closing.

"They have been diligent, and they have been persistent, and we finally got the community what they deserve," Gachette said.

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