100 rent-a-goats let loose in Idaho neighborhood, snack on everything in sight

About 100 goats were on the loose in a Boise, Idaho, neighborhood Friday and no one could figure out where they came from.

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KTVB reported that the animals were going house to house and eating grass and shrubbery. Some goats appear to have tags on their ears.


Neighbors told KTVB that the goats were there for about an hour before animal control officers arrived.

Officers initially showed up with one truck, but soon realized they would need a lot more help to contain all of them.


It turns out the goats were working around a nearby retention pond and broke through several slats of wood in a fence, eventually chomping grass, weeds, shrubbery and flowers in the neighborhood, according to Idaho Statesman.

All 118 goats were eventually corralled and brought onto a truck owned by a company called We Rent Goats. The company, owned by Kim and Matt Gabica, allows people to rent goats to remove weeds.

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