Dog with big grin can't get adopted

An Iowa dog's ear-to-ear grin might be what's keeping her from adoption, rescue officials said.

However, that is not keeping "Smiley," a Labrador mix available through Agape Fosters, from trying.

Diann Helmers found the 6-year-old dog when she was being given away by a family who bought a house and the former residents left her in the backyard, according to The Dodo.

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"I call it her infectious smile because I think it's very endearing," Helmers told The Dodo.

Smiley was available for adoption for two months with no luck, Helmers said. There is a lot of interest in the beaming pooch after nearly 3 million views on a video.

Helmers appreciated the interest in Smiley she wrote Friday in a Facebook post. Helmers wants to make sure Smiley goes to a home in the Iowa area to make sure that if she does not work out there are not issues getting her back, she said.  

"We are super humbled and appreciative at the impact she has made and hope this opens up the minds of those who judge these 'smiling' dogs," Helmers wrote. "And to think before acting and assuming they are a threat."

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