Dog found stuck in 12-foot pit at meat processing plant

A dog’s delight quickly turned into “The Twilight Zone” when he was trapped in a vat at a meat processing plant in Tennessee.

Animal control officers rescued McGregor Feb. 19 after he was found caught in machinery 12 feet down by employees at the factory.

“This rescue was particularly dramatic,” said Katie Pemberton, spokeswoman at Memphis Animals Services. “Animal control officers put themselves in dangerous situations every day.”

Officers Amanda Sutter and Ashley Hunley used two control poles to pull the lethargic 68-pound dog to safety. He was taken to Animal Services for evaluation.

It's believed that McGregor was in the machinery for up to 12 hours and exhausted himself trying to escape. Only his head and paws were visible, WHBQ reported.

Because of McGregor’s tenacity, staff at Animal Services named him in honor of mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor.

McGregor was overall in good health. He was taken to Woof River Animal Rescue for further treatment. He started eating again when the rescue introduced him to Nano, a small pug.

McGregor was then placed in a foster home while he waits to be adopted.

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