Dog found nearly frozen rescued thanks to St. Louis postal worker

A dog that nearly died is recovering thanks to a postal worker and a pet rescue organization in St. Louis.

A postal worker found the pup, now named Faust, not moving and nearly frozen to death on a sidewalk.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis' Dr. Sarah Frei told KTVI Faust's body temperature was so dangerously low that their thermometer couldn't detect it.

Frei said, “We’re not a hundred percent sure what caused it, but she was found on cold pavement at pretty freezing temperatures, so it did not take long for her temperature to drop to dangerous, life-threatening levels.”

The organization posted Faust's progress on Facebook, saying they administered care, but she ultimately needed more help.

Faust was taken to Veterinary Specialty Services, where she is continuing to recover.

The organization is reminding everyone to be vigilant about keeping an eye out for pets left in the cold.

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