Dog, baby compete for military dad’s affections

No matter the length of time they’re gone, a military member’s homecoming is something special -- especially when it comes to the service member’s children.

And it doesn’t matter if that “child” is of the human or K-9 variety, or both, as Billy Redheffer, of Pennsylvania, found out last month.

When he got home after drill, Caroline, the family's dog, claimed Redheffer, actually blocking his 9-month-old daughter Savannah from getting to her father, WPVI reported.

You can see in the video posted to Storyful, Caroline refused to move, until Savannah almost climbed on the dog.

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Redheffer's wife Shannon told Storyful that Caroline must come first around Billy. If he doesn't show his love for her before anyone else, Caroline will insist on not being ignored, WTXF reported.

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