Dog allegedly beaten with baseball bat is recovering

An Ohio man is charged with beating a dog with a bat, according to the Butler County Sheriff's Office.

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A humane officer was called Saturday on a report of a dog being beaten with a baseball bat. A neighbor caught the alleged abuse on video and sent it to authorities, said Butler County Dog Warden Supervisor Kurt Merbs.

Clayton Sisco, 18, admitted that he was punishing Duece, a pit bull, for defecating in the cage in which the dog was confined, Merbs said.

The seven other dogs, all pit bull mixes, on the property, were removed for safekeeping.

Merbs said Duece is recovering at the Animal Friends Humane Society, but the dog does not appear to have suffered serious injuries.

“He (Duece) is very friendly,” Merbs said.

In the video, Sisco can be seen hitting the dog with a wooden bat. The dog is on its side. After Sisco walked away, Duece got up to try and get away from the abuse, Merbs said.

Merbs said it is helpful to have a video to use as evidence.

"In this day and age, everyone has a phone. It shouldn't take the place of call-ups but, if you have us coming and it continues, taking a video is really helpful," he said.

Unfortunately, Merbs was not surprised to see this type of abuse.

“It is kind of becoming more routine around here,” Merbs said. "We are seeing more of it."

Sisco was charged with misdemeanor cruelty to companion animals. He was also arrested for outstanding warrants. He is scheduled to appear in the Middletown Municipal Court on July 19.

“We love our animals in Butler County,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones. “This dog was obviously submissive and not deserving of the punishment.”

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