Detroit driver shows off lowrider after first snow

File photo. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

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File photo. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

If you've got some snow on the roads and are thinking about staying in, prepare to change your mind.

Detroit just had its first big snowfall, and one driver of a lowrider decided to make a point about showing off no matter the weather (or the size of his tires), as he took the vehicle to a storage unit for the winter.

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"Detroit's first big snow, and salt trucks were NOT out yet!" says the post from Bill Robinson of Outkast Lowriders and Kustoms. Robinson took his maroon 1962 Chevrolet Impala hardtop out on I-75 in the middle of the storm with no fear, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“I thought, ‘We’re going slow enough … We’ll play just a little bit, try to make a smile on people’s faces,” said Robinson, who added that the stunt filmed by his brother was attracting “thumbs ups and waves.”

That part about the salt trucks is a big deal. In wintry northern climates, snow loaded with brine and road salt becomes a caustic slush that eats cars alive. Older cars are particularly susceptible -- newer vehicles have more resistant paint and coatings.

Robinson is also quick to note that the crew at Outkast Lowriders and Kustoms power washed the car in a heated storage building after their little joyride. A modified classic like this one deserves to be around for as many winters as possible.

A good power washing also helps clean out brine and other substances that get inside the crevices and tight corners of a car.

Robinson insists that the stunt was safe, saying his Impala had new tires, disc brakes, a reinforced frame and reinforced axles.

“Everything is strong,” he said.

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