Ex-day care worker accused of shaking, force-feeding children gets 2 years' probation

A former day care worker who reportedly abused small children in her care learned her fate in a Massachusetts courtroom Friday.

In 2016, Marie Millette was accused of shaking and force-feeding eight children while she was an employee at the Bright Horizons day care in Hingham. According to court documents, a witness saw "Millette 'force feed' children by spraying the bottle into their mouths. ... The children would sometimes cry, spit the milk out or vomit."

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In another incident, a co-worker said "Millette picked up [a child] and put her hand over her mouth while trying to get her to sleep. ... When told to stop because [the child] couldn't breathe, Millette laughed and stated she 'can breathe' out of her nose."

Parents of eight abused children wanted jail time for Marie Millette, but they didn't get it. A judge sentenced the former day care worker to two years’ probation, but she is never to work with children again.

These parents waited more than two years to see Millette receive justice for abusing their kids. On Friday, they walked away disappointed.

"Two years’ probation, not that great," said MaryEllen Dillon, whose niece was abused. "I have pictures, I gave the DA pictures, date-stamped pictures of injuries. Gouges on her face, her face swelling from being shaken."

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Millette was eventually fired from Bright Horizons in November 2016.

Friday morning, the judge said the 31-year-old did not appear to be remorseful for what she did.

WFXT reporter Jason Law tried to ask Millette's attorney about that after the hearing.

"I don't agree with that," John Amabile said. "I'm not making a statement about the case."

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The eight children ranged in ages from 3 months to 15 months old. As a part of her sentence, Millette will not be able to work with children younger than 16.

This marks the end of the criminal process, but now parents have moved on to a civil lawsuit against Bright Horizons. WFXT reached out to Bright Horizons for a comment, but has not heard back.

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