Dad returning from deployment welcomed by wife, kids dressed in T-Rex costumes

Some homecomings are just a little more animated than others.

DeAndre Morris had no idea what he was walking into when he stepped off a plane Oct. 5 at Tampa International Airport following a six-month deployment with the U.S. Air Force, WTVT reported.

And the sign said it all.

“T Rex’s are cooler than cutesy signs. RAWR” the placard held by his wife, Taylor Morris, read.

According to WFLA, Taylor Morris and her daughter, London, donned inflatable T-Rex costumes to welcome home their patriarch. The couple's youngest child, celebrating his first birthday, also wore a dinosaur costume.

The face you make when you spot your wife and kids dressed as dinos in the airport after 6 long months apart ;) <3 Feel free to share away! Tampa International Airport , MacDill Air Force Base

Posted by Sweet Novalee Photography by Katie Vogel on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

"During my pregnancy with our son, we didn't find out the gender so we called him Little Foot, that is where the dinosaurs came from," Taylor Morris told WTVT, adding, "I knew my husband would know it was us as soon as he saw the costumes."

And Katie Vogel of Sweet Novalee Photography captured the reunion they won't soon forget, WFLA reported.

"At first he saw Katie, and then saw the dinosaurs and started laughing saying yup that's my wife," Taylor Morris told WTVT.

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