Customer finds hairnet in drive-thru food order at Steak ‘n Shake restaurant

Credit: Monica Schipper

Credit: Monica Schipper

A hairnet was found in a to-go bag at a Ohio fast-food restaurant this week, Dayton Daily News reports.

Rachel Lee posted on Facebook that she went through the drive-thru at the Springfield Steak 'n Shake Tuesday with her brother and his friend and was given a bag with a hairnet in it.

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"I went to make sure everything was right and my brother said, 'Rachel, there is a hairnet in there,'" Lee told Dayton Daily News. "I thought he was kidding with me at first. When I looked over ... there really is a hairnet."

Clark County Health Combined Health District followed up on the social post and found that the allegation was true.

“Managers stated that an employee had accidentally put a clean hairnet still in the package into bag of food in drive-thru,” health officials stated. “Manager had just set it on the counter for the employee to put on.”

Messages left for the restaurant’s district manager have not been returned.

The investigation found that the restaurant should make sure employees are wearing hairnets before starting to work with food.

Lee said she was unsure if the hairnet was touching her food or if it was touching napkins because she closed the bag after seeing it.

She had lost her appetite, she said.

“It was terrible,” she said.

Lee said she was able to get a refund. She posted a photo of the hairnet on Facebook to alert others of the incident, and it was shared hundreds of times.

“My phone kept blowing up saying there are like 20 new comments and now it’s like close to 900 shares,” she said this week.

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