Crews rescue 90-pound Great Pyrenees puppy stuck in Tulsa storm drain

A dog in Oklahoma is safe after falling into a storm drain Wednesday.

Tulsa firefighters came to the Tulsa home around 6 p.m. to find the 90-pound dog had gotten into the drain through an open pipe.

Firefighters used their equipment to determine the dog, named Ruby, was 51 feet away from the curb underground. Firefighters worked for about two hours digging by hand, then received help from city crews who had been using digging equipment in the neighborhood.

Firefighters say it was a coordinated effort with help from city workers, animal control and a dog trainer from Spirit Ranch.

Ruby, a Great Pyrenees, is less than a year old.

Firefighters say they are concerned with how the 90-pound dog made it into the drain, as a child could make the same mistake.

“This was good training for us because obviously, this was a dog, but it could’ve been a human. It could’ve been a baby or somebody’s kid. That’s a separate issue we need to take up with the city that they have a drain like that that’s uncovered,” said Tulsa Fire Capt. Mike Burgess.

Firefighters say Ruby has a few scratches on her stomach and nails but will be checked out by a veterinarian Thursday.

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