Cop made up story about Georgia shooting, GBI says

The police officer who claimed a black man shot her last week fabricated the story and is now facing multiple felony charges, including evidence tampering and giving false statements to investigators, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed Friday to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It was announced Saturday morning that Officer Sherry Hall has been fired.

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Jackson police Officer Sherry Hall has checked herself into a facility and is seeking help, according to GBI spokesman Scott Dutton. Agents sought the arrest warrants earlier today and a news conference is scheduled for 3 p.m. in Jackson.

Hall said she was on patrol Sept. 13 when she spotted a black man on the edge of a wooded area. When she exited her patrol vehicle to see if he needed help, she said he shot her, but the bullet struck her body armor, which was credited with saving her life. The man allegedly escaped and authorities put out a description for his arrest.

Hall's story, however, started to come apart as investigators looked into the case.

"There never was a suspect shooter in this case," Dutton said. "Investigators followed the evidence in the case."

Jackson is about 50 miles south of Atlanta in Butts County.