Consumer groups warn of Christmas toys that could spy on the family

Consumer groups are raising security concerns about some toys on children’s wish lists this year, saying they could be spying on the family.

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A new group of smart toys can carry on a conversation with kids, but consumer advocates say the internet-connected toys could be listening and recording conversations.

Eighteen consumer groups recently filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, alleging that two talking dolls -- My Friend Cayla and i-Que Robot -- collect and use personal information from children without parent's consent.

The groups say that violates children's privacy protection laws. Both toys are made by Genesis Toys, who has yet to comment on the complaint.

With everything from toys to cars now incorporating wireless internet connections, privacy experts have sounded the alarm that these products open the door to hackers and privacy violations.

The software company working with the toymaker said they don't use or sell the voice data they collect for marketing or advertising, claiming that "privacy is a priority."

Earlier this year, the FTC increased fines for privacy violations, and toy makers could face a $40,000 fine for each toy sold.

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