‘A Christmas Story’ house opens for overnight guests

If you have ever wanted to walk in the footsteps of Ralphie, Randy and “the old man” now you have the chance.

The Cleveland house that was the setting for the cult holiday classic "A Christmas Story" is now allowing people to spend the night, WJW reported.

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Those who are lucky enough to get a reservation will have the run of a private third-floor loft and rest of the house after museum hours are over.

Iconic items from the movie are still in the house including, the famous “frag-il-le” leg lamp.

The cost to stay at “A Christmas Story” house is $495 in June to $1,995 in December.

To make a reservation, click here and don't forget to pack your pink bunny sleeper, but you may want to leave the Red Rider BB Gun at home. The house can have up to six guests a night. 

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