Children report being hit with sticks, burned at the hands of their parents

Police in Pittsburgh are searching for two parents accused of abusing their children.

According to police information, Safari Marc and Ntahimpera Eveline abused all four of their children over the past month at their home.

Police said one boy had welts on his legs from being hit with a stick and had burns from an iron.

Eveline is even accused of threatening to cut the children's hands off with a knife she'd heated over the stove.

The children, two boys and two girls, range in age from 5 years old to 13 years old.

Police said the four children all individually told doctors they were being abused at home.

Marc denied the allegations, according to police, but lunged at one of his daughters while meeting with Children, Youth and Families and had to be restrained.

Eveline, on the other hand, admitted to physical punishment and said beating with a stick is appropriate to get kids to behave, according to police.

All four children are now with foster parents.

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