50 Cent arrested after swearing in public

Today's legal lesson comes courtesy of 50 Cent, who was arrested and fined after swearing in public during a performance in St. Kitts in the Caribbean. Who knew that was against the law there?

He's not the first performer to find himself crossways with legal authorities after cursing at concerts abroad. In 1999, rapper DMX was briefly held in a Trinidadian jail and fined $150 after cursing onstage during a concert in the capital city, MTV reported.

The official St. Kitts tourism site hints at modest cultural norms: "Nudity is not permitted at any beach. Swimwear or scant clothing should never be worn in towns or villages."

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This Trip Advisor post on the Caribbean isle of Nevis is more explicit, and instructional: "Nevis culture has a strong religious foundation. Cursing in public is against the law. Nude bathing and topless bathing are not permitted. Beachwear is fine for the beach, but in public places it is not considered appropriate to be dressed in skimpy beach or resort clothes, such as short shorts or halter tops."

But we can’t find the official proscription on profanity. (Email me if you can: jbrett@ajc.com). That sort of thing might be helpful to know before vacationing there.

Anyway, a representative for 50 Cent tells TMZ he's paid his fine and is on his way, and will leave the blue streak at home next time.