Can shaving cream take sting out of sunburn? One mom says yes

A mother from Texas says shaving cream can take the redness, sting from sunburn.
A mother from Texas says shaving cream can take the redness, sting from sunburn.

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Credit: vchal/Shutterstock

A mom from Texas says she has the perfect cure for sunburns. It’s a simple can of shaving cream.

Cindie Allen-Stewart swears by the lather to take the redness and heat out of the summer sun.

As soon as she, her children or her husband spend too much time in the sun without enough sunscreen, she puts a thick layer of menthol foam shaving cream on the burn, "Inside Edition" reported.

She posted her treatment, that she credits to her mother-in-law, to Facebook where it has since gone viral.

Then she leaves the cream on the burn for 30 minutes before using lukewarm water to remove. She’ll repeat it a second day if needed.

She told "Inside Edition" that the burn will disappear hours after her hack is used.

But does it really work?

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Dr. Ross Radusky told “Inside Edition” that shaving cream is a good moisturizer. It also contains glycerin to heal the skin and menthol that will cool the burn.

No matter the treatment for the redness and burn itself, Radusky told "Inside Edition" that the best treatment is to not get burned in the first place by wearing sunblock and covering exposed skin. Not only do sunseekers need to watch for burns, they need to keep an eye out for dehydration, chills or mild fever. He also reminds that sunburns can cause skin cancer, "Inside Edition" reported.

Other doctors agree.

"The body doesn't forget what we do to it, and an accumulation of sunburn over a lifetime can promote skin cancer later in life," Dr. William Huang told Health magazine.

This is just one treatment to take out the sting of a burn.

Prevention suggested some other home remedies:

  • Cool bath with baking soda to reduce the itch and inflammation. You can also try apple cider, white vinegar or a soothing bath treatment.
  • Moisturize - slather a natural bath oil then a moisturizing cream.
  • Bag of frozen peas, or another cold compress will absorb the heat and reduce swelling.
  • Hydrate. Drink water or eat water-rich foods like watermelon.

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