California man dresses as CVS receipt, redeems discount

It can be frustrating for a shopper to receive those really long receipts at CVS, with coupons and ExtraBucks rewards thrown in for good measure on paper that seems to cascade out of the cash register.

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For Halloween, a California landscape and event photographer decided to have some fun.

Jeremy Schneider of San Diego decided to parody CVS’ receipts by dressing up as a 12-foot version of one. Then, he decided to go to the drugstore/pharmacy to gauge the reactions of the workers and filmed it on YouTube. Needless to say, the workers and customers were tickled by Schneider’s creation.

“So for Halloween I dressed as a 12-foot CVS receipt, and I’m about to walk into CVS to see what their reaction is and see if they’ll take my CVS bucks here,” he says in the introduction to his video.

The Consumerist reported that the costume idea wasn't new, but Schneider's appearance at the store was something new.

Schneider wrote in a Reddit post that he got the idea for the costume after he went to CVS to buy a pack of Altoids and got an extra long receipt along with his mints. He scanned it into Photoshop, cut it into 42 individual pieces, printed and glued them onto pasteboard and then taped them together with yardsticks.

The whole process took about four hours, Observer reported.

“Do you take gigantic coupons?” he asks one worker in the video, who laughs and replies, “That is awesome.”

Because Schneider scanned the receipt using Photoshop, the ExtraBucks (CVS customer reward) barcode on the costume version could be scanned by a cashier. The test came when he finally reaches the checkout counter. Schneider gave the cashier a few bags of Halloween candy and asked her, “Can you scan my CVS bucks?”

"Oh my gosh, does that work? Can I try it?" the cashier asked, laughing when it did work.

By the way, Schneider got another long receipt.

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