No bull: Man guides steer on leash into Petco

When is an animal a pet and when is it livestock? A trainer in Texas put that question to the test when he took his prized steer to a local Petco.

Petco officials say “all leashed pets are welcome” at stores, but would that rule apply to a massive 1,600 pound Ankole-Watusi bull?

Vincent Browning took Oliver to test that theory Monday, Fox News reported.

Apparently the answer is yes, at least in Texas.

But would the steer’s large horns even fit through the door? Take a look at the video to find out.

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Oliver the steer was welcomed at the store and posed for photos with other customers and employees, who were surprised to see that large of a pet walking through the business.

But make no mistake, Oliver is used to being around people. He's been trained by Browning for rodeos and shows, Fox News reported.

You can follow Oliver and his escapades on his Facebook page.

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