Build-A-Bear chaos: Stores shut down after unprecedented lines at malls nationwide

Build-A-Bear's "Pay Your Age" day is causing huge lines and chaos in malls across the country.

Lines for the sale -- which allows customers to pay their age for any bear -- are so long that Build-A-Bear had to shut them down.

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Authorities told stores to close the lines and not accept additional customers, due to crowd and safety concerns, the company stated.


People at the Carolina State Mall told WSOC they had been waiting in line for over three hours.


Viewer Lukas Hopper sent WSOC video from inside, showing lines wrapped around the interior perimeter of the mall and spilling outside.

KIRO reports that over 5,000 people lined up outside the Tacoma Mall in Tacoma, Washington.

There were huge lines at the Alderwood Mall in Snohomish County and Westfield Southcenter Build-A-Bear locations as well.

In Florida, WFTV found shoppers were willing to pay cash for a spot in line at one mall.

Other long lines were spotted across the country.

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