Cat "Too Cool to Be Homeless" Looking For Forever Home

Bruno, adorable 25 pound cat who stands on hind legs, has been adopted

WLS reported that Bruno, a 7-year-old Russian blue polydactyl cat, has become an internet sensation after he was posted as being up for adoption on Wright-Way Rescue’s Facebook page last week.

The rescue, located in Morton Grove, Illinois, said Bruno was on a diet and is otherwise perfectly healthy, other than being overweight.

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“When I am in a normal home, most of my day is spent laying around, but never far from my family. I usually prefer to lay on the floor or right next to you, but occasionally I like to be a lap-cat,” the listing said, adding that Bruno likes to be pet on his head and spine only and likes face and neck scratches.

The talkative cat also likes to be pet while he eats and tends to stand on his hind legs when he wants food.

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BuzzFeed News reported that Lauren Paris, a 29-year-old in Chicago, and her boyfriend, Jason Bartlett, were up to the task.

“When I saw a photo of Bruno that had been shared on Facebook I just...freaked,” Paris told BuzzFeed News in an email. “It was this wild combination of an excited laugh/cry and I felt this insane drive — I knew I would do whatever it took to be his forever home.”

Bruno has been adopted from Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois after becoming an internet sensation. (Photo by Wright-Way Rescue)
Photo: Wright-Way Rescue

Paris sent in one of 161 applications to adopt Bruno and included a video of her singing a song called “Gimme That Fat Cat” to go with her application. It worked.

“They arranged a visit for us with Bruno, and it was love at first sight,” Paris said, adding that her application made it clear she was serious about adopting Bruno.

“Bruno is very excited to live in a dope apartment overlooking Chicago, with luxury bedding and filtered water (all over the apartment of course),” the shelter said, according to BuzzFeed News. “Can you say upgrade?”

Although Wright-Way will miss Bruno, the shelter said Paris was a good choice.

“She is adored by all of us at Wright-Way Rescue, and ultimately it was her thoughtful and genuine nature that made her a clear choice,” they told BuzzFeed News.

Fans of Bruno can keep up with his time in his forever home on Instagram at

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