Ex-boyfriend assaults woman twice while at Washington hospital

Rashay Milner broke her pelvis in two places when she hit by a car. (KIRO7.com)
Rashay Milner broke her pelvis in two places when she hit by a car. (KIRO7.com)

A former patient at Tacoma General Hospital in Lakewood, Washington, wants answers after police say she was assaulted twice while recovering at the hospital.

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Rashay Milner broke her pelvis in two places when she was hit by a car last Saturday. The next day, she was placed on life support.

While she was fighting for her life, Milner's ex-boyfriend showed up to the hospital room uninvited and poured water on her. Security chased the suspect away but could not apprehend him. Milner says she did not know the restraining order against her ex-boyfriend had expired.

"The domestic violence has been going on for a long time," she said. "This was not going to be the last time he came back. That's why I took the measures for him to not be able to get to me."

Milner and her family had Tacoma General move her to another wing in the hospital. Security said they set up a code for visitors, too. However, the suspect returned the following day. This time, police say he poured hot coffee all over Milner and hit her with a food ?.;,mjhgf=1`tray so hard her arm was bruised trying to protect herself.

"He really broke a plate over my head in the hospital," Milner said in tears, "and he just walks out like nothing happened."

She and her family want answers. No one was supposed to know Milner was in a different hospital wing. She also asked the hospital not to disclose information to anyone.

Milner says hospital security apologized. When KIRO-TV asked Tacoma General about the incident, the hospital released this statement:

"Please know that our privacy policy also allows patients to opt out of being listed in the directory for privacy, security or other reasons at any time. The physical safety of patients is important to us and we maintain dedicated security staff in the hospital at all times to respond to any security issues as soon as they arise."

Tacoma police chased the suspect after the second assault but were unable to locate him.

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