Boy mows lawns, raises money to buy gravestone for dad he’s never met

A young boy who spent his entire summer mowing lawns managed to raise enough money to buy his dad a marker for his grave.

WDAY reported that Brandon Bakke of Fargo, North Dakota was adopted at birth and recently started asking his family about his birth parents. It turns out his biological father, Terrance, had recently died. He was buried in Chicago without a grave marker, because he couldn't afford one.

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"I don’t think anybody should go unknown in life, even though the choices they made or anything," Brandon told WDAY.

Brandon was involved with picking out the perfect grave marker for the father he never met. He showed up with a ceramic jar full of money to pay for the headstone himself.

When he saw the stone, he immediately said he loved it and rushed to hug his mother, Brandy Bakke. Both shed tears of joy and thankfulness.

"It makes me feel very proud, as a son," Brandon said.

Despite coming prepared to pay for the grave stone in full, the company, Dakota Monument, refused his money, deciding to donate it instead.

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