Big gulp: Arkansas photographer snaps shot of snake eating insect

That was one hungry snake.

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An amateur photographer at the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas snapped some startling photographs of a snake taking a big gulp as it devoured a newly emerged cicada, according to The Associated Press.

Charlton McDaniel, of Fort Smith, said he was "fascinated and captivated" to see a copperhead eat the insect at dusk July 17.

McDaniel, 42, was kayaking in the forest when he saw the cicada molting. The snake emerged, looking for a meal, and McDaniel told the AP he scared the reptile away twice.

McDaniel said he went to his vehicle and when he returned, the snake had snatched the cicada. McDaniel then snapped his dramatic photos of the copperhead in midmeal, and the snake, once finished swallowing the unfortunate insect, slithered away, according to the AP.

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