Big farm show win helps family of child battling cancer

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Credit: David Silverman/Getty Images

Credit: David Silverman/Getty Images

A Pennsylvania Farm Show winner is helping a family who has a child battling cancer.

Colton Zundel has been part of the annual exposition for 15 years, but this week, his Grand Champion beef steer, Panda, helped give hope to the family.

Zundel, who is a collge sophomore, said he'll give a large part of his $19,500 auction win to the unnamed family in Green County, WPMT reported.

The family's 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

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Zundel has never met the girl or her family, but he found out about her condition when he was told that Panda came from the same farm as a steer the family purchased, WPMT reported.

He hasn't said how much he will be donating to the family, but after a portion goes into the Farm Show Scholarship Fund, and he pays for some of his student debt, he said he will be giving the family some of what is left.

Zundel actually came up with the plan before the auction began, telling some bidders what he was going to do with the cash, WGAL reported.

Shortly after Panda was auctioned, Zundel gave it to the new owners.

Zundel, a fourth generation farmer, raised Panda since it was four months old, the Sentinel reported,

"I knew this day was coming. It always comes. Me and (Panda) have a special bond," Zundel told WPMT. "He'll be going to the slaughterhouse and that will be the end of it."

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