Bat flies around NBA game, health officials warn fans at game about potential rabies exposure

A bat --whether the baseball type or the flying one -- is not something you’d expect to see at a NBA game. But it was the flying variety that now has health officials in Indiana warning fans of the Indiana Pacers.

The Indiana State Department of Health is telling anyone who may have come in bare skin contact with a bat that flew around the game between the Pacers and the Los Angeles Clippers, to contact either the Health Department or their doctor, NBC News reported.

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That’s because the rabies status of the animal is unknown.

Experts said anyone who has had direct contact between a bat and a person's bare skin could be considered potentially exposed to rabies, according to NBC News.

The bat delayed Thursday's game during the first quarter, but was never captured, The Indianapolis Star reported. It returned during the third quarter, but then retreated to the ceiling, the newspaper reported.


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