Baby Jesus is the most-stolen Christmas decoration, store owner says

Ironically, the most-stolen Christmas decoration is one of a religious figure.

A Tyler, Texas, store owner told KYTX that baby Jesus has been targeted regularly by thieves for years.

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"That's the most stolen item we've had," Angie Bullington, owner of the Christmas Store, said. "Always has been."

"It's very startling," she said.

Bullington said thieves have taken all sorts of Jesus figures from the store, but the baby Jesus in the Nativity scene is the most popular.

"It's just crazy that people could steal baby Jesus," Bullington said. "And how could you not feel guilty about that?"

Store owners elsewhere have also complained that baby Jesus is stolen most often.

A number of stores in Washington state said in 2015 the figures were stolen from them as well. A Texas church had to leave a note asking that the replacement baby Jesus in a life-size nativity scene was left "for everybody to enjoy."

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