Andean condor chick hatches at National Aviary

Officials at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh report an Andean condor chick hatched Friday morning.

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The agency said the little bird clawed out of its shell around 8 a.m. The parents, Lianni and Lurch, are taking turns caring for the chick. The aviary said the parents will be sitting on the chick to keep it warm, and nudging the chick with their beaks from time to time.

The National Aviary said for up to 24 hours after hatching, the chick will still be absorbing nutrients from being in the egg. The egg's yolk is absorbed into the chick's belly through its umbilicus, which is similar to a belly button in humans.

After this period, the parents will then begin feeding the baby bird every few hours around the clock, much like human parents.

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