Aggressive bull elk attacks woman, ramming her with antlers in Colorado park

An aggressive elk was caught on camera charging visitors Thursday at a Colorado park and knocking a woman to the ground.

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The attack happened in the tourist town of Estes Park near the town's visitor center in Bond Park after people got too close to the animal, according to media reports.

The video shows the bull charging at two people near a park bench as other visitors scattered. One man is seen tripping as the animal butts a woman with his large antlers. She falls to the ground as the elk continues its attack.


A frightened Karen Harrison, who filmed the incident, is heard saying “Oh my gosh” repeatedly and “Somebody help” as the attack unfolded.

Somebody did help. Estes Park public works employee Brian Berg drove his truck into the park and positioned it between the angry elk and the woman on the ground, KCNC-TV reported.

“That bull was very aggressive,” Berg said.

A visitor center ambassador then helped the woman get out of the area.

She was uninjured, but the man who fell was treated at a local hospital for a cut, according to KCNC.

Wildlife experts warned people to stay away from elk at all times but offered a reminder that the bulls can become very aggressive during mating season, which is underway right now.

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