Abuse in Catholic Church: 300 predator priests and 1,000 children identified in Pennsylvania case

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300 Predator Priests And 1,000 Children Identified In Pennsylvania Catholic Church Case

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A church sex abuse grand jury report released Tuesday includes the names of nearly 300 priests accused of being predators, and it has garnered strong reaction from churchgoers and other laypeople around Pennsylvania.

While the reactions range from fire and brimstone to offering forgiveness, those who spoke to WPXI made it clear they are praying for the victims.

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“Unfortunately, it’s a sad day for everybody, but we just have to come together and that’s what we've been doing I think for the past three or four years,” parishioner Janet Rebhun said. “I think that we’ve been trying to regroup, maybe, preparing for this day, but we do we have faith in God and that's what's going to bring everybody through.”

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Parishioner Mark Bibro told WPXI he believes it's already time to move on.

“I think at some point, it has to be made clear it can't be covered up anymore and we've gotta move on get it behind us, forgive the sinner and get it behind us and move on,” he said.

According to the Catholic sex abuse grand jury report released Tuesday, more than 1,000 child victims and 300 predator priests were identified in the six dioceses involved. The list of the accused priests in Pittsburgh and Greensburg, Pennsylvania, is at WPXI.com.

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Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that he would  to continue fighting against abuse in all institutions.

“For too long, the Church has shielded pedophiles, pushing their victims into the shadows.

"No longer. Today, we publish the truth," Shapiro said of the list.

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