$82K up in smoke: Tesla Model X burns on frozen bay

A Tesla Model X is nothing but burned metal sitting on a frozen Vermont bay.

Police in Shelburne said they were called to Shelburne Bay Sunday night after the car's owner said he was going ice fishing and thinks he hit something, WCAX reported.

The car can cost about $82,000, according to WCAX.

The car made a strange noise then caught fire, police told Popular Mechanics.

But they're not sure why it caught fire, WCAX reported.

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Some Tesla forum writers were speculating that it could have been insurance fraud, but many thought it was a damaged battery, Popular Mechanics reported.

Lithium-ion batteries rapidly spend their stored energy by releasing heat when damaged. When the battery is the size of a car battery, it can be a huge fire, according to Popular Mechanics.

The remains of the luxury car were left on the lake and neither the magazine nor WCAX know if or when the burnt shell will be removed.

Police said though that plans are being made to remove what is left.

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